Carlos J M. Gárate

Carlos Gárate's Blackout Party is part of the Group II exhibition in InSight, the Gallery 44 Members Show at Gallery 1313 in Toronto, part of the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival 2013

Carlos Garate’s Blackout Party is part of the Group II exhibition in InSight

Carlos J M. Gárate was born in Mexico City and lived there for three decades.

“This is where my initiation into photography happened, exactly when my dad gave me my first Kodak Instamatic. The film for this camera came in a cartridge-like form, the flash was a cube with four shots and the settings were pretty basic, Holga basic.

Toronto is now my home while Mexico City is the place where I go for jaunts while visiting friends and family. I code applications during the day and I sleep when I can as I’m trying to find more moments to shoot cameras.

I’ve always liked shooting people and moments, I like reportage, I like my camera to be the eye that capture (without spoiling) non-rehearsed moments. I’m a self taught photographer and one of my most important references has been my brother who actually made the grade in the field. Currently shooting digital and film and starting my camera collection. I’m still deciding if my favorite format is 6×6.”

Email: carlos.m.garate(at)


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