David Faltenhine

David Faltenhine was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he lived until age 17.  During his early teens he became enamoured with photography. He quickly progressed from a cheap, auto focus camera to a Nikon FG, SLR, which he couldn’t afford.  Over the years, much time was devoted to experimentation and an excessive part of his salary was allocated to the purchase of various accessories, lenses, gizmos & gadgets. For many years, David disliked having people in his photographs, preferring to concentrate on landscapes, street scenes, and symmetry.

Over time, as he developed and honed better communication skills, David began developing an interest in photographing people and incorporating them into his images.  He now tremendously enjoys portrait and fine art photography. David has travelled extensively and lived in Europe for a year, while studying at the Edinburgh Business School.

Contact: david.faltenhine(at)gmail.com or call 416.427.9038

Website: http://dfalt.paradepro.com/


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