Linda Briskin

Linda Briskin is showing her work with Group I of InSight, the Gallery 44 Members Show in Scotiabank Contact Photography 2013 at Gallery 1313

Linda Briskin’s work is part of Group I of InSight

Linda Briskin has ever-shifting photographic enthusiasms, what she calls ‘photoglossia’. Light, lines, shadows, and the play of figure-ground; the juxtaposition of objects and reflections; the ambiguities in what we choose to see; the permeability between the remembered and the imagined; and alternative digital colourscapes which remind us that landscape is invented through our gaze. In recent years, she has had the following  solo shows: “An Hour from the City” (2007), “Counterpoint” (2009), Ode to Julia Margaret Cameron (2009), Photoglossia (2010), and Found Image/Constructed Image (2012).

** Photoglossia is a play on the term heteroglossia which speaks to a diversity of voices, styles of discourse, or points of view in a literary work.

For Insight (Contact 2013), she will exhibit from a new series, Liminal Animism in which the masks of Venice help to reveal the spirits in nature. Liminal Animism speaks to Field of Vision, the theme of Contact 2013. Via a liminal space, this series expands the field of vision beyond what is obvious to the eye.

Contact: lbriskin(at)

Artist Website

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